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You need to deliver insights your users can depend on to make better decisions.

We built the framework to achieve this.

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Enabled by the modern data stack

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what is a cove?

Making data trustworthy and usable is hard

You need to treat data as a product

When you treat data as a product you define a set of expectations to deliver data that is documented, tested, secure, and simple to use.

You need a reliable user-centric data mart

We organize data products into data coves which are curated data marts built using best practices from software engineering.
Data coves ensure you follow a process that is agile, repeatable, and traceable.

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Working with us

Forward thinking and fast delivery to address actual business needs

“We have been able to bring about a change within 3 months that was not even thought of before in 3 years.”
Carsten Isermann, Johnson & Johnson
“They understood the potential of the technology and helped us to navigate through organizational complexity to make it happen.”
Martin Rasumoff, Amgen
“Build solutions that are consistently forward thinking and deliberate in addressing actual business needs.”
Piotr Kula, Beghou Consulting
Team Alignment

Improve satisfaction by aligning everyone from day one

Without a clear vision and proper communication, projects experience delays and people are unhappy with results.
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Discovery Sessions
Involve the right people and align on current pain points, measures of success, stakeholders, risks, and expectations.
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Achievable Project Plan
We consolidate the results of the workshops into an achievable plan with time and costs estimates.
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Data Ops

Build your continuous insight delivery pipeline

We utilize the modern data stack and create simple processes that integrates the fewest tools for the highest impact.


We use dbt as a base and enhance it with proven best practices so teams can work collaboratively and deliver quickly.


Our process integrates tools so that quality assurance and documentation are built in from the start.


Snowflake allows us to scale while masking sensitive information dynamically and making sure production loads don't impact users.


"They brought a deep knowledge of  DataOps and the modern data stack. Within 3 months, the team was able to build a working POC. Initial results have been very promising."

Rahul Lath, SVP, Data Science & Technology at WWE

“It was wonderful to use a data framework that was fast and flexible. It made my workflow a joy.”

Donald Bruce, Exact Sciences

“They are thought leaders in how to help our community extract full value from the valuable data.”

Samuel Yates, Software Engineer at Amgen
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Extract, load and transform
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Agility and continuous delivery
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Component design and maintainability
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Automated infrastructure provisioning
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Governance, security and change control
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Automated testing and monitoring
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Collaboration and self service
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What is DataOps?

Processes that leverage software development best practices

Data Enrichment

Extract the most value from your data

Data Scientists spend too much time manipulating data in silos. Work is duplicated among teams and time is wasted.

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Feature Engineering made easy
Make the life of Data Scientists simpler by developing
reusable feature libraries that are documented, tested so they can focus on modeling not on data wrangling.
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Put Machine Learning to work
Make your ML models part of your continuous delivery pipeline so you can monitor and implement improvements in a coordinated fashion.

"It was really refreshing to work with a team that truly understands data challenges at their core and has a vision and a process for assessing, maturing, and innovating data platforms and teams."

Ken Kwan, Director of BI and Knowledge Platform at WWE

“I am highly impressed with their leadership skills and innovative thinking, identifying new business applications in the area of Data Science and technology.”

Ankit Kohli, DCube Analytics

“They understand how things will change in future and know the steps that need to be taken into account to handle change properly.”

Angel Hernandez, Fivetran
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Solution Delivery

An experience that drives adoption

The right analytics solution could drive the best decisions when used, so our top priority is delivering a great experience that users love.

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Custom UIs for ML models
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Natural language interfaces
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Scalable dashboards
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Better decision making with user-centered interfaces

What our customers say

Simple and intuitive user-centric experiences

“I attribute our software’s simple and effective UI to their experience.”
Brittany Wang, Amgen
“Focus on the user experience has helped me to think about design differently and make me a better product manager.”
Kerby Johnson, Amgen
“They delivered robust and intuitive solutions leveraging information derived from data employing current technology.”
Rob Mcenroe, SMCI

Modernize how you do analytics

We have worked with teams from leading biopharmaceutical companies including the top 10 in the world.
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